Featuring: Play The Ace


Iris (vocals/guitar)

Molly (bass)

Dena (drums)

Play The Ace is the upcoming pop-punk band. The young, all female band has opened for touring bands Thieves, Alteras and Love Past Blue. Their music is influenced by My Chemical Romance, Neck Deep and All Time Low.

Their new EP All My Friends Are Ghosts highlights the laid-back but edgy sound that Play The Ace brings.

Play The Ace also does covers of many favorites like All Time Low, Twenty One Pilots and Pierce The Veil. You can watch these on their YouTube channel and see the energy they perform with while keeping their own sound.





Featuring: Ronx – Solitude

Photo By: Javier Cobena


Miguel Vasquez (Guitar/Vocals)

Joshua Reguillo (Base/Vocals)

Dave Rivera (Drums)

Ronx, a pop-punk band from New York, has released their single ‘Solitude’ off of what will be their first album! The album has yet to be released but be prepared because the single they did release is staggering. You won’t get it out of your head so easily, it’s catchy.

Joshua Reguillo sheds some light on what the song is about. He explains, “The song is kind of like a message to people who try to go through everything alone and don’t want to reach out for help.”