The Prof. Fuzz 63 releases new single “Nadine Codeine”!

The lo-fi grunge band out of Texas The Prof. Fuzz 63 released their new lead single off of their upcoming album Owls! The new single is “Nadine Codeine” and the song is upbeat but also relaxed. The way the song flows makes me think of a lazy river. After listening a handful of times, the lyrics and the looping tune got stuck in my head! It’s catchy, there’s not a lot going on in the song but there doesn’t need to be. This song is the kind that is perfect for car rides rather than a workout.

Professor Fuzz gave some insight about the single. He wrote the track for the single in 2018 and was thinking of punk rock type names and started rolling with that, which gave him the name of the single “Nadine Codeine”. He looped the demo of the single in GarageBand while he went out for a walk, singing it to himself to carve out the rest of it. The first fan of the song was an old Taiwanese man with a pink sweater that says “CHOCOLATE JESUS” on it and that in itself sums up what the whole upcoming album is going to be like.

The Prof. Fuzz 63 will be releasing more singles for their upcoming album in June! Follow The Prof. Fuzz 63 so you don’t miss out!

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