lolitslea releases new single “Get Over Yourself”

Independent pop artist L E A released her new single “Get Over Yourself” today and it’s a quarantine anthem! This single is an upbeat sound that you can dance to! It’s super catchy, I’ll be singing it in the shower. L E A has a sizeable vocal range and in “Get Over Yourself”, she is able to showcase some of it. I love the theme of the small visual that was made to go along with the song. Its cute, colorful and a dab of edginess that is also popped into the song itself.

L E A is active on many social media platforms doing covers to songs and streaming to fans live! Following her on social media would be a great way to meet this artist and see all of the fun stuff she has to share and offer in terms of what she does best artistically, making music. The links below are where you’ll find her on social media!

Soundcloud Instagram YouTube TikTok

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