Get To Know SKYND

SKYND is the industrial/electronic/gothic music group created as a project or creative outlet for the singer Karin Elisabeth Dreijer’s alter ego SKYND and includes two unknown male instrumentalists. Karin is a Swedish songwriter and producer with a captivating and mesmerizing voice. One of the male instrumentalists goes by stage name or nickname “Father”.

“SKYND’s lyrics reach deep, deep down into the sinister abyss of the human soul. In her own words – “I want to get as close as possible to the evil that humans are capable of. I am obsessed with it. For weeks, months even, I’ve been trying to get into the heads of the most vicious, cruel killers. There is nothing more fascinating to me than people who have reached the boundary of their humanity.”

SKYND makes songs about serial killers and brutal crimes that have happened. The music videos that are made show the story or tell the story to let people see and know the full horror of an even that actually took place. In other words, this group started as a project to document these horrible tragedies and to show what kind of monsters people can be and what the victims went through. So if you are into the true crime shows and documentaries, SKYND will interest you.

Their debut single is inspired by the unsolved death of Elisa Lam.

The music videos are created as a sort of artistic piece. In the videos, SKYND gives visual of the events that took place, the band is pretty intuitive on what lines they can walk on and what lines shouldn’t be crossed. In some videos like Jim Jones, victims in that event weren’t shown a whole lot and everything was mellowed out more because the goal isn’t to make everything gruesome and gory, even if what happened was that awful. The goal is to document what happened in the form of music.

Korn’s frontman Jonathan Davis has worked with SKYND on the song Gary Heidnik.

SKYND recently got the chance to open for Rob Zombie at O2 Academy in Glasgow and they put on a fantastic show that gave double the goosebumps!

SKYND also got the opportunity to perform at the Download Music Festival in June 14th of this year.

Keep tabs on SKYND by following the band on social media! If you haven’t heard their music yet, click on a video or check out their Spotify!



  1. Jeremy · February 20, 2020

    Are you absolutely positive Skynd isn’t Marina Ortega?


  2. John eggers · April 29, 2020

    I’m pretty sure skynd is actually Marina Ortega. They have the same tattoos and you can find videos of Marina singing and the voice is similar if you listen to skynd singing live. This would mean skynd is actually french German and not swedish.


    • Brittany · May 3, 2020

      I didn’t even think to look at the tattoos! You prove some good points! I think it is Marina. I will have to fix that in the post.


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