Korn’s Artisan Coffee Brand Korn Koffee

Korn’s Korn Koffee is the bands brand of coffee that you can get online and it was curated by the members of the band. The coffee is a dark roasted blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Guatemalan Huehuetenango, and Organic Peru beans mixed with Vintage Black Diamond by J. Gursey Coffee.

There are different bundles and merch available and sometimes new stuff is added if you check back occasionally. At the moment, they are doing pre-order bundles for their new album that’s coming out The Nothing. That’s pretty cool because then you can get your coffee, music and merch all in one!

The band’s goal when curating this blend of coffee was basically to have a medium strength coffee that’s not weak, but not the strongest coffee ever. A coffee that’s good and can be brewed stronger if desired.

Check out the Coffee and bundles here.

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